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Outer Loop Education (OLE) Study Club

The pandemic taught us that by reaching out and working together we are stronger, better informed, and prepared. I want to foster this resolve as we move forward together.

-Dr. Priveer Sharma

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This year we have made it more convenient by this simple form to better organize and collect the contact information of those who are interested in being part of the 2020 OLE Study Club. Sign up below to quickly and easily access all virtual lectures.

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Why The OLE Study Club?

The tuition for this year is absolutely FREE of charge per member. To demonstrate my strong commitment and desire to help each of us explore new ways to further our knowledge and strengthen the relationships we have with each other, I am offering these virtual lessons at no cost to you. Please contact Jill if you have questions or require further assistance.

The OLE Study Club is more than a place to earn continuing education hours, its purpose is to build a community where we share, support, and grow together. A trusted forum that looks forward and identifies the best sources of information and solutions so that we can learn more about the practice of dentistry.


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